Sunday, 1 August 2010

Without BORIS,

Sorry, we can not go on without BORIS, we moved to the blog LA PALOMA DE PABLO


Monday, 12 July 2010

CUTE CATGIRLS very careful ,wy the bad vet don´t help Saha Boris????????

which is true must be said,
 to protect pets
from the vet   PETHOUSE

Monday, 28 June 2010

Boris Homanagem for the wonderful friend and writer Federica Sgarbi

lunedì 21 giugno 2010


"L'amicizia percorre danzando la terra,

recando a noi tutti l'appello di aprire gli occhi sulla felicità."


Per Saha Boris, un vero amico.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Last Boris days ,with Wu and Paloma

Friday, 18 June 2010

Die the King of the Persians

 After Suffering great and profoundly weakened SAHA BORIS dies at 8:00 am  on 15/06/2010.We are desoled and are covered with sadness.
 His last days was spent at home assisted by her vet Dr Alexandra. With Ludwig was the silent exchange of glances of those who have the experienced  before (with the death and Franz Rama in 2007).Wu Zetian lay down next to the groom so shaken and weakened by disease. Heated, with her head resting on the white side of his beloved he smiled .
Paloma too small to understand  rans nervous .Saha  Boris was been  abandoned  before because  his illness and come to us already sick. We had the misfortune to get veterinarian Dr. Alvaro Lima, who failed to honor his medical degree, saying the end has not paid much attention because it was concerned with the problems of not having the permit for the sale of animals in his pet shop, (Dr . Alexandra had lost their job over money problems and he would not let her help, when we heard the vet had to useless, but it was too late, she was restless and she watched until the last moment, but it was too ,( dr. ALEXANDRA had lost your office by money problems and he would not let she help, when we heard the vet took the useless, but it was too late ,she was restless and she watched until the last moment but it was too lateSaha Boris solar eyes asked for help, one more attempt to save he,- The serum descended slowly to his veins, was the truce to relieve pain. UREA later returned to gallop infamous up and up.At dawn on Tuesday overturned fall sleep in each other's arms exhausted and slept for three hours
Shaken by the pain he woke up, and I carried from place to place to escape the enemy that was near
 Suddenly he lifted his paw holding a spear with a wild look angry and uttered a cry of war and was facing death as a brave. I got it dead in my arms
Saha Boris was bathed and perfumed, dressed in precious robes, open your eyes were covered with a white ribbon of transparent silk,.on his his neck the collar of Wu Zetian his bride
The king was ready for his funeral in the waters
. The 3:30 pm start off with Murilo in search of the Sanctuary, we were in several places, inhabited by fish and alligators, crabs, nothing served, after a long time Murilo found a long pier that crossed the trees and headed towards the river, we stopped at the end.
Our river front, across the trees and flying white herons, the Santuario was found. Tied the marble sculpture in the shape of the bird body using a cotton cord.
Subtly the largest of the herons stopped and turned towards us across the river bank gave the signal - would receive his spirit to carry her to heaven
 SAHA BORIS was deposited in the waters and crossed a dive into the depths.

The translation was to bad but we hope they can understand what happened. Mom, Lud, Wu Zetian and Paloma
We are heartbroken

Monday, 7 June 2010



Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Communicate to  all CATS FRIENDS:
  Boris is improving better but still needs special care so,  Mom still watching him

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Send pursss for Boris

Boris is having a severe kidney problem,
please send many pursss to help.
Mom, Wu, Lud and Paloma.
(Montserrat is back)

Friday, 9 April 2010


 Mommy broke the computer and we were without enterneth .